About the show

Hank and Casey met years ago at a metaphysical store called Goddess Elite in North Olmsted Ohio. They had a brief conversation about energy manipulation and had intended to stay in touch, but neither of them followed through.

Years later in 2020, Casey was doing an online search for Shamanic healers and ran across Holistic Health and Healing and remembered Hank from the brief interaction at Goddess Elite from the years before. He came in for a healing session and found out about the Shaman Appretnship Program centered around the teachings of the Q’ero and taught by Zane Curfman, author of Inka Mountain Magic.

Leading up to the program, there was a series of Spirit Lodges. The last one had to change to a virtual class due to the growing concerns of COVID-19. half-jokingly, Hank commented on the call that he should start a podcast called Stir Crazy Shamans and have different guests on. Casey was the first guest and it was clear from that first live stream that the show was meant to be a collaboration.

Check out the first episode below and and see where the inspiration began!

Since the first episode, we have had amazing guests on that continue to add to the energy and possibility of what the show would become. If you don’t want to miss anything be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on notifications.

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