HEALING ~ Live Shamanic Group Healing Session with Hank Setala and Casey MacBride

Episode 67
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regardless of if you caught this video live, if you are open to receiving healing, you can benefit from this amazing episode. Hank opens the space calling in all the nature spirits. Casey Does Light Language and Hank uses a crystal bowl to help clear out the heavy energies.
This is the first of many group healing sessions that we will hold. #GroupHealing #Healing #Shamanism #ShamanicHealing #LiveHealing #Spirituality #SelfHelp #Innerwork #Spiritual #Shaman #Paqo #LightLanguage #EntityClearing

The Power of the Full Moon

Episode 64
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In this technology challenged episode Hank shares an experience of some paranormal activity with his Mesa and what he did to honor the occurrence. Hank and Casey then go into how you can use the Full and New Moon to add potency to your ceremonies or spell work.
Our equipment overheated in the sun combined with running out of bandwidth on the mobile plan in the first 4 minutes. Sadly the video is not the best quality but there is some good information in it if you can bear through the buffering.
#Paranormal #Shaman #Shamanism #FullMoon #Ceremony #Spellcasting #Magic

Filters: What lenses are you using to create the world you are choosing? What else could you choose?

Episode 63: Catch all the episodes on our website www.StirCrazyShamans.com
In this magical episode, Hank and Casey share how they energetically start and end their day and answer questions from the viewers. The conversation then shifts to the examples of racism and hate in the world and we discuss how this is potentially a symptom of a much greater imbalance.
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Midnight Meanderings: Indigenous Rights, what would it take to choose differently?

Episode 62 You can comment live on our website www.StirCrazyShamans.com
In this episode, Brian shares ways throughout history and the current day where indigenous people have been oppressed, abused, or neglected to show that the idea of superiority and separation is a problem that extends much further than just what we are seeing happening in the United States today. Join us for the next episode with Brian Daniel Edwards and see where the energy takes us!

Nature Magic: Together at last

Episode 59: Catch all the episodes on our website www.StirCrazyShamans.com
Since the start of the pandemic, we have only live-streamed apart from each other out of our own homes. This episode was recorded in person while on one of our nature adventures. How does it get any better than that?
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Food: Eating for the body, being and beyond.

What if what you put into your body isn’t about “right” and “wrong” but is about what works and doesn’t work? 
What if connecting with your body would open you up to new possibilities with what you eat and how you eat it?
In this episode, we discuss diet and food and also touch on different tools that allow you to begin to connect with what you eat and drink on whole new levels. 

Being You: Allowing Ease and Joy as you create with the Universe around you

Join us for a special episode of Stir Crazy Shamans featuring special guest Shawna Kathleen Sudyk founder of Gold Mind is a transformational emergence coach helping people to find their unique voice in this world while giving them the confidence to speak and live their truth.
In this episode, we talk about choosing possibilities and success without the need to have a traumatic past as well as common pitfalls that people experience as they begin to step into their experience as a divine infinite being having a human experience.
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Midnight Meanderings: A random conversation between two shamans

Join Hank Setala and Brian Daniel Edwards for your weekly dose of possibly. Brian has traveled the world working with shamans and medicine people from various parts of the world including Mexico, Australia, and Hawaii.
We welcome your questions and no topic is off-limits. In this episode, Brian does a clearing process on air for a number of different blocks that we experience that limit our ability to receive the infinite abundance of the universe.
Later in the episode, we discuss beings from other planets and realms as well as how we can prepare for the upcoming shifts in the very fabric of the universe. We Go live at 12:00 AM 05/27 EST. Join us!