Stir Crazy Shamans: We’re Back!

Join Hank Setala and Casey MacBride for a long-overdue episode of Stir Crazy Shamans, now streaming every week at 11:15 am EST.
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In this episode, Hank and Casey catch everyone up on what has been happening since our last broadcast in November. The episodes focus a bit on moving through our hutcha on our healing journey and realizing when we are looking at the world through projected lenses from childhood. 

Stir Crazy Shamans ~ The Magic is Back with special guest Sarah Stabler

After a long summer break, Hank and Casey are back to the Magic with a surprise guest appearance featuring Sarah Stabler, transformation life coach, and hypnotherapist. 
What was going to be a random conversation quickly took on a form of its own as Casey noticed Sarah’s certifications hanging behind her. We dive deep into the healing possibilities of hypnotherapy and share relevant content of in truth you are the driving force of all the healing work you do. 
Join us!  
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Magic of the day Episode 6

Hank and Casey talk about the first weekend of the Shaman Apprenticeship program and the Hatan Karpay (great initiation)  and discuss some of the energy practices used in the Paqo Kuna tradition of Peruvian Shamanism. 
Later the conversation takes on a plant theme and the topic shifts to medicinal teas. 

Magic of the day: Episode 73

In this episode, Hank Setala and Casey MacBride discuss the importance of listening to your inner guidance to honor you and only do as much as your being and body are willing to receive. 
Then, a troll tries to sidetrack the conversation and we bring it back by doing a centering exercise. 
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Healing: Demonstrations of Shamanic Healing

Episode 71: Catch all the episodes at
In this episode, we talk about recent in-person healings that were performed at a fan meetup at Huntington beach. Hank and Casey announce that they will start to do group live stream healing sessions.
They also take about scientific references that show the documented effects of energywork.
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Nature Magic LIve! A discussion on sharing your unique medicine gift with the world

Episode 70: Catch all the episodes on our website
We share our experience with doing healings live on streams and encourage others to take advantage of how easy technology makes it to share your unique voice with the world. 
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STILLNESS: Accessing the peace and calm in every experience

Episode 69 Catch all the past episodes on our website
What is possible if we always come from the place of stillness that lies within?
What if accessing the stillness underneath all experience was as simple as receiving?
In this episode, Hank and Casey talk about how to experience silence in all aspects of being.
#Stillness #Silence #Meditation #Peace #Calm #Shamanism #Healing #InnerPeace #Shaman #EnergyHealing

AWAKENING: What would the world be like if we created from a space of awareness

Episode 68 See all the episodes on our website
We discuss what it would be like if we had a conscious conversation centered around awareness with all the people around us. What would it be like if we responded to everything instead of reacting to everything?
A listener asks about connecting with her husband who has passed away. We talk about how we exist on different dimensions and how it is possible to connect with loved ones on different levels.
Hank also references Conversations with God Awaken the Species and its amazing content
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